Welcome to MBACC

MBA Computer Consultancy is an IT Consultancy business established to provide, honest, informed, cost-effective, reliable solutions, for all your IT needs.

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We provide a range of services aimed at identifying the best business IT solution for you, and ensuring these solutions match your requirements, whilst also matching your budget.

Our team of certified technicians cover the majority of England, North Wales, and Scottish Borders.

MBA Computer Consultancy was established to provide Central & Local Government and Local Businesses a professional, alternative and qualified approach to how they fulfil their IT needs.

We, as individuals, have been in the IT industry for over 20 years and have worked all over the world. We pride ourselves on quality solutions. We have worked for huge names in the IT industry such as Fujitsu, IBM, Dell, HP/EDS and large finance houses like, RBS, Barclays, and Lloyds TSB.

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We, as contractors, also have experience working with and for the HMRC, DWP, Treasury, various NHS and Local Governments on numerous contracts.

Therefore our clients know when they choose us they choose the knowledge and reassurance that we're always there, ready to provide honest, reliable support and solutions for all their IT needs.

We welcome all enquiries. Please contact us today.